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Premier Bank Building
421 1st Avenue Suite 200E
Rochester, MN 55902


The Owner My philosophy is based on the social work premise that as a therapist I must meet the client where the client is…meaning that I want to understand your needs and goals and help you build the life you want. I offer therapy to assist clients with difficulties resulting from depression, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, grief and loss, chemical dependency, dual diagnosis, personality disorders, sexual identity, transgender issues, and trauma. Adolescents struggling with the challenges of day-to-day life,adults affected by family of origin problems, women’s issues and individuals transitioning to new identities are of special interest to me. I believe empathy, safety, trust and validation are essential in therapeutic relationships. I meet those needs with my friendly, kind and understanding qualities; my honesty, sense of humor and directness strongly influence my approach to helping others. My office is comfortable and welcoming; a secure sanction, a place to discuss your concerns, hopes and dreams.
My years of clinical training and the knowledge I have gained from working with LGBTQ individuals and their families qualifies me to assist with LGBTQ issues: mental health concerns, sexual orientation and gender identity questions, self-acceptance, coming out, gender transition and letters of support for HRT, meeting WPATH criteria, and gender reassignment surgery.